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Who we are, is not who we are going to be.

Jessica Crenshaw's Takeaway

Target with no bullseye
Without courage you miss the mark

Faith without courage is dead and without courage, you will miss the mark.

The lack of courage will keep you from understanding God, and what he has for you.

Being bored with Christ is due to the lack of courage. Fear can rob you of the joy of leading someone to Christ.

Without courage, you cannot follow and obey God as you should. People will try to avoid criticism at any cost, some even at the expense of disobeying God.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. God is a rewarder of those that obey and diligently seek him. Obedience to God is required, but without courage, it cannot be obtained. We are the light of the world through Christ that is in us. We must let our light shine so that others may see it and be drawn to Christ.

To do things God's way, sometimes you will seem crazy to others. We must do whatever it takes to bring glory to God. It's not just about you, it's also about others. Love moves us when others are involved to meet the needs of others like Jesus. We must have courage to serve the Lord whole-heartily.

If we do not go out and spread God's word to the people, they may very well perish. Look beyond the now/immediacy and see the future, and then act with courage. He will take care of your mess-ups. We are responsible for spreading his word. Everyday somebody is leaving this world without knowing Jesus, and slipping into darkness without any hope of light, life or love. Since faith comes by hearing, have courage to share your faith. Evidence your faith through obedience.

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