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December Sermon Take-Aways

Hold on to the Vision that God has for you.

In November Pastor Harrold started a sermon series on Sustaining A Vision. The congregation was asked to submit their weekly take-aways from the sermon. Below you will find some of those take-aways:

Kaviandra: Recognizing a vision. The world church misses move God because they do not get or understand it.

Vision; stringing together multiple goals, divine order. Greed robbed from the world what it takes to meet the worlds need. We all have a piece of the puzzle god put it that way. Our life comes in pieces but we need to use the instructions given in bible etc…

Sometimes in the worst moments of life we may actually be in his will. How do you know though? What does his word say? God will send someone before you to show you how to do it.

He nurses us along giving us what we can handle so we can build our strength up to more.

Involves letting go. God wants to give you what you want. Sacrifice. If it originates from God only god can sustain it. God is only in control when you let it be.

Anthony: I feel like this sermon hit home for me. I seem to find myself questioning what God has in store for me and sometimes only doing part of what he asks of me. I need to rededicate myself to this path.

Brian: A more in-depth understanding of Mary. And there are people in place already to help me further my relationship with God.

Shelia: Look for the forerunner God has placed in my life to spur me on to His ultimate goal for me. I need to make application to the things that I have learned, like the sermons and bible studies. When I have totally surrendered, I will be in the perfect will of God.

Jeremy: If God isn't in it, it isn't going to work.

When Abram humbled himself, he was able to see wonders.

Gaining a better understanding of Love can go a long way.

It's Gods responsibility to make sure that his word never returns void.

We need to be trained servants.

Who is willing to speak in truth with love?

Jesus has qualified you no matter where you have been or what you have been through.

If you can confess God is faithful to cleanse you of ALL of your sin.

Abram means exalted father, and his name was changed to Abraham the father of nations.

Words have meaning/power.

No matter what, Pastor wants to be pleasing to God.

God stated to count the cost.

All who live Godly WILL suffer.

The truth shall set us free if we allow it to.

There is a blessing in understanding how and why God/Jesus did not deny Peter/Judas.

Our rewards are in heaven, never forget this.

Our visions must be sustained by God.

Conflicts are to redirect us.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Gene showed us how to confess our sins one to another.

Andy: Vision, all have fallen short... but God's vision for us still goes forward with us if we obey! Rock it like a hurricane!

Jessica: Put God first. He is there for you no matter what. Other may not like for putting him first but that's ok because you're pleasing him and that's what's most important. Don't allow others perspective of you to make you stray from what he has for you. Also by you humbling yourself to follow his plan other will see that and want to do the same.

Julie: I just wanted to let you know God used you to jerk my chain this morning. I mentioned to my husband that sometimes I'm not so sure about the emails where you hold us accountable for our attendance. I told him I was praying about it. So today's entire sermon was absolutely for me. God is doing a work in me and I want to be the center of his will. You set an example of this even with your sermons. Other preachers may do it differently but possibly they're either more concerned with their words and not our Father's word, or possibly they're not as sensitive as you. You're sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit. Thank you for that and thank you for holding me accountable. Thank you for allowing our Father to provide correction, guidance and instruction. Thank you for loving us enough to correct us when we're wrong. That is a heart of a good shepherd.

Donald: I must be able to let go of what I am holding on to in order to move forward to where GOD wants me to go.

Rhea: I was able to share my takeaway with others. They are married teaching the middle school class at their church. He was asking for prayer for them and for some guidance and suggestions on direction on what and some of how to teach.

I was able to talk to him about the importance of a vision and shared with him the 3 main points we've been covering. Also him as leader and coach needs to regularly carve out time to read his word and listen to what the Lord would have to share so he can train the young people to truly be prepared for the world they are facing every day.

Fran: 12-16-18...Gen 14:14 Abram sent trained servant's that were born in his house....the body of Christ needs to be a trained church....which correlates to Sunday school...our main goal ...oneness with God is the goal of our existence! Also the servants were born in his we are born again into God's house....we should pursue as Abram pursued when our brothers are in trouble!

Lisa: SO, my take-away from last week was that Abram was the Father of Faith because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God and God was consistently speaking to Abram, so he wasconsistently hearing the Word of God. My take-away from today is two-fold. First, that Lot positioned himself right out of God's blessing by choosing the better land. Second, that when something is promised to you by God, there is nothing that anyone else can do to remove the promised thing from you. Abram was humble and willing to let Lot take part of the land because Abram understood what had been promised to him.

Charmin: In order to catch hold of God's VISION for us we must be HUMBLE and LISTEN with our whole heart, be QUIET, stop trying to answer the question or validate ourselves, thinking of our response before God even has a chance to SPEAK. Obedience requires listening to God, verifying the message is HIS and then following through with ACTION that aligns with HIS VISION to do HIS WILL.

Andrew: Remember and learn from God's lessons.

Kevin: What I gleaned from the message. God has a vision for me and all. Like Abram we must step out in faith. Trusting He will provide if He leads us out. To stay on the narrow road and it will lead to the promise land, destiny, vision, which is fulfillment in Christ. To become Abraham

Fran: 1) God must be the originator of the vision. 2) A vision from God cannot be sustained by human ability, but it's through God himself that the vision is carried out and sustained. Example: David: Came to bring his brothers food, but ended up killing the giant--only through God could have enabled David to kill the Giant. Heb 13:5 He will never leave us or forsake us!

Donald: I have no deficiencies in Christ. Brenda: 1. God sustains the vision by demonstrating/ showing us His favor & faithfulness 2. There are no deficiencies in the team God has me on 3. Be humble!!!! Don't try to solve things in my own wisdom or according to what looks good.

Jeremy: What I got from your sermon from God, paraphrased: - Let God establish you, ALWAYS, until the end of time so that his will can be done the way that he wants it to be done.

Jessica: Sustain your vision from God, through God. ❤️ powerful message. Thank you sir. That in order to reach your vision God has for you, you have to rely on him and your relationship with him to get your there. Dig deeper and focus on him. Otherwise your way off. You're not meeting the mark if your not focused on him and your relationship with him first and foremost.

Bea: What I can be thru Him. I'm ready to reposition myself according to His plan, felt/feeln the Presence of the Lord!!! Fabulous service btw.

Olivia: You have no deficiencies in your partnership with God. To sustain a vision: give the preference to others. In conflict, clothe yourself in humility - Before honor is humility. Without a good "just me," the rest won't work.

Rhea: Kinda hard to put in to words what I got out of today's message. Still processin mentally, requiring more marinating, digesting, and resonating with my spirit. Things God has promised you are yours/mine when I'm ready to give Him "just me". I need my team to help me get there.

The Grace and Glory Fellowship TEAM. What an awesome God we serve! Abram heard God speaking and his faith multiplied with each word God breathed, causing him to become the father of faith (Romans 10:17).

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