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A High Yield Product for Your Future Investments

We are periodically asked by the firm or agent(s) that manage our retirement plan or monitor our insurance policies to reevaluate or reallocate these products.

Take stock in hope.

The changing volatility of the market and increase in violence with decaying morality, decline of humanity's respect for others, and absence of neighborly love in our surrounding environment prompt us to make these assessments.

However, there is still a time tested, environmentally resistant​t, cost effective, globally proven, and readily available product on the market. This product has the best, highest, and longest guaranteed rate of return over all products of our modern, high tech investments, even those offered by Tesla, Viacom, Nuevo, or any others from Silicon Valley. It has survived numerous judicial attacks and been banned by multi-billion dollar corporations. ​ Attempts have been made to eradi​cate it from entire nations.

If you are a first time customer and decide to place your order within the next 2 hours and 45 minute​s, you can receive your very own authentic version. This comes with the Original Producer's guarantee along with free shipping and handling, while supplies last. This, one of the *Top 3 highest yielding products can be yours today, so be sure to order immediately!

If you were a former customer and have misplaced or discarded your product for whatever reasons or unusual life challenges, today is your special day. Your original agreement and written guarantee will be honored and your product fully replaced with a simple reinstatement request with no charge. Shipping and handling is free as an intentional action and love expression, validating the value of relationships and the integrity of the Owners.

Enough with the suspense! The referenced priceless and essential product is HOPE.

This hope is not an option. It is not an opponent or a substitute for faith. It is an extension of faith. HOPE can be defined as solid certainty, absolute assurance, and unshakeable confidence. Faith is the current possession of grace's provision.

HOPE, the extension of faith, is the solid certainty and unshakeable confidence in grace's future accomplishments. It is so certain that the Bible often refers to HOPE, as a thing already accomplished, a done and sealed deal or event. A good witness or example of this is the references to the return or second coming of Christ. Thus, faith is the substance of the current possession of grace {Ephesians 2:8} producing (providing the raw materials) the evidence, the HOPE, assurance, solid certainty of grace's future accomplishment {Colossians 1:21-23, 27; Romans 8:18-25; Hebrews 10:35-39}.

This product, HOPE, is still available globally and personal​ly to you today. Will you order, ask that you may receive this "loving HOPE?" This HOPE comes with an incorruptible, undefiled, and unfading guaranteed INHERITANCE that is reserved (under top security, risk proof) in heaven, specifically for you. *I Corinthians 13:13.

Pastor Harrold L. Preyer

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