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Join us in making a difference.

Children​'s Ministry

Children at Grace and Glory are precious and important! Our goal is to partner with parents to help children develop a close relationship with God and learn about Jesus.


We do this by having our children in our Sunday service to worship and learn along with the congregation as a whole.


We also welcome our children to engage in the weekly Bible study lessons, prayer and community activities. 

Children's Church - Sunday mornings we offer childcare on an as needed basis. We also have a childrens room and a nursing moms room that are open at all times with live streaming access. 

Children Reading the Holy Bible
Youth Fun
Kids in Church

Youth Ministry

Young people appreciate a place where they feel safe to be themselves, they are valued and challenged by the authentic, straight from the heart teaching of Jesus’ message to meet their desire for life-giving direction. Our desire is to help young people know God and not just know about Him, helping them to see God has a plan for them, and it is more than they know. 


"For I know the plans I have for you,"

declares the Lord," plans to prosper you

and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  - Jeremiah 29:11 -

Youth Hike
Youth Trips 1
Youth Beach Trip

Adults in Action

Grace and Glory believes to build a true, loving community we need to gather, connect and support one another.


We enjoy spending time together!


That’s why we offer various activities such as men and women’s Bible study, prayer meetings, coffee gatherings, retreats, regular monthly potlucks, picnics, movie nights, Mother’s Day breakfast, game night and a host of other activities.


Womens Retreat
Men in Prayer

Outreach Opportunities

We recognize that God Himself has richly poured his love into our hearts and lives. That love compels us to reach out to others and give out of the abundance we have been given.


It is with that passion Grace and Glory has partnered with Compassion Ministries of Cornerstone Church. Together we serve our neighbors in surrounding counties in economic need through monthly mobile food pantries set up in various facilities where tons of food is given away to the local community.


The most important gifts given are kindness, compassion, hugs, handshakes, encouragement, prayers, the Good News, and love.


If you are looking for meaningful service this may well be your place!

Serving at food pantry
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